About Tall Figs

Welcome to Tall Figs. I’m Judy Pierce and the designs on my range are  inspired by my life. These day, I’m very lucky to spend my time  between golf, caravanning, my three great kids and my seven  grandkids.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and my Tall Figs range is aimed to bring some fun and a little color into this pursuit.

The title ‘Tall Figs’ was simply a cut down of Tall Figures. My first images were long slender glamours women (not that I’m one of them 😉 but since then the designs have evolved but the name has stuck.  These latest designs are  based around my outdoor adventures are much more my style these days.

I am so excited to be able to wholesale to shops around Australia.  I look forward to dropping into the outlets and seeing the Tall Figs Range for sale all across Australia.

Before caravanning, extended days of golf and grandkids… my husband and I were Studio Potters. One Tree Hill Pottery has been based in Beechworth for 35 years and over that time we have evolved from classic style tableware (fun to make) to one off art pieces exhibiting in Australia, France and India. Our retail shop in Beechworth is our base and now my Tall Figs range can be found here.


I hope you enjoy my Tallfigs  range. You can simply order online here, or call/email Jacqui Pierce –  mobile 0429 222 733 email jacart76@gmail.com

Keep an eye out for our caravan with the ‘Tall Figs’ Golfer on the side and the red van on the back ….can come and say hi.

Cheers Judy




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