Jigsaw a Go Go


A portable jigsaw board with a neoprene cover, 80cm x 58cm x 3cm. Simply start a puzzle, zip up and store under the mattress. All pieces will stay in place. Up to 1000 pieces.

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Ever wanted to do a jigsaw puzzle but couldn’t handle a half finished one. Here is your answer. Every wanted to stored a partially finished jigsaw puzzle in a caravan. Well, just slip this under your mattress and you won’t know that you’ve got it. What about when your working space is too small or you would like to do it outdoors for while, this Jigsaw a go go has got you covered.
It is designed to take the normal 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with a working area that is 79cm long by 56 cm wide. The working surface is a felt like material for comfort and control. Just zip it up and carry it under your arm with a partially completed jigsaw puzzle inside.
to get started, just place the jigsaw a go go on a table, unzip it, roll open the top cover, remove the cover boards and your away again from where you left off.
The case is made from machine washable neoprene

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Dimensions 80 x 58 x 3 cm

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